Sunday, May 16, 2010


Colored pencils as a rebellion against pessimism.
Colored pencils as a symbol of creativity.
Colored pencils as tools for intervention.
Colored pencils as instruments of participation.
Colored pencils as a song of diversity.
Colored pencils as…

Because we understand that the crisis that invades our lives cannot trap us in pessimism, we present our proposal in images of colors as a symbol of creativity, intervention, participation and diversity. All elements mixed in the painter´s pallet which will help us rise above these moments of so much “grey” news.

In times of crisis, in times of grey… colors, colors, colors…

This is the message from residents of Calle de Imágenes. Each year this neighborhood participates in Córdoba’s May Patio and Balcony Festival in their own special way, decorating not only their balconies but their entire neighborhood. It has been fun watching this year´s display evolve and I find their message particularly uplifting, especially in a country that is currently experiencing an almost 30% rate of unemployment. Definitely food for thought.

In times of crisis… colors.

You can see pictures at:


Dimple said...

Nice shot in your post--it's the first one, isn't it? I like the idea of not allowing circumstances to get you down, although I am not always able to do it! The pictures of the colors in the roads are really good!

John's graduation was very moving for me; I'm very proud of him. He has matured considerably.

lakeviewer said...

Hi, I came in from Pseudonymous High School Teacher. I read the previous posts about the cost of living and the preparation and serving of a Northwest meal in Cordova. Great posts! Lots of good information.