Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally Photos!

Thank you all for your patience. Now that we have a good Internet link, we finally have the opportunity to post all of our travel photos. At first I tried loading them directly to the blog, but that didn't work so well; the picture upload speed seems to be limited by the blog program, rather than by our internet connection. (I wish I'd realized that earlier!) This time, I tried using Picasa, a photo album utility associated with Google blogs. It allows easy uploading of pictures, and we can add captions and such.

Anyway, click here to enjoy our pictures! The first link is all the pictures we took in Holland and France.

This second link is to all of the photos we've taken since coming to Córdoba.

Stay tuned for more! This adventure has just begun.

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Searching Soul (a.k.a Darleen Pryds) said...

Great Photos! Now we can see what a blast you're having. In the first set of photos, #41 at Notre Dame in Paris, the guy holding his head is St. Denis, the patron saint of Paris. Great story there: bishop who was martyred by pagans by beheading, so Denis picked up his head and walked out (preaching along the way) to where the present S. Denis basilica is out in the suburb of S. Denis! I'm still waiting for a movie of that.

In the second group of photos #32/33 is a tomb, not an altar, so the skull makes a lot of sense as a reflection on mortality and the physical decay that even the loftiest in society have waiting.

Great apartment!

Can't wait for more photos!