Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who´s reading the blog?

We have a lot more errands to run today, so I´m just making a short entry.

I´m still having trouble figuring out how to monitor visits to our blog, so I don´t know if anyone is visiting or not. Most of you who know about this site have our e-mail, so please write and let us know if you´re visiting. If you don´t have our e-mail, please post a comment.

More information about the continuing adventure! Some of you may have already seen this in e-mails, so please excuse the repetition.

We´re having to re-learn how to do everything we thought we knew how to do, even down to the simplest things like grocery shopping or doing laundry. It´s all just different. For instance, while doing laundry, we found out too late that there´s a button (unlabelled) that you have to push to get the @#$%&!! thing to do a spin cycle. As a result, the clothes came out sopping wet. This is a real pain when you have to hang out clothes to dry, as driers are unknown around here.

One funny and one pleasantly surprising English experience.

The funny one: There aren´t very many people around here who speak English, so I´m pretty accustomed to just talking in Spanish. The other day, we saw a couple with ice cream cones, which looked pretty good on a warm afternoon. I said to them, 'Discúlpenme, ¿dónde compraron ese helado?' (Excuse me, where did you buy that ice cream?). They looked at me with a blank expression and said very slowly and distinctly 'Eng-lish.'

The pleasantly surprising one: as we left the building where we´re hoping to rent an apartment, Tonya and I were talking in English. A man approached me on the street and asked if I´d be willing to offer English tutoring services to his school-age son. Very nice! There may be more opportunities for this kind of thing.


cathy woodward said...

Hi Scott and Tonya,

Wow! What a great adventure. I read some of your blog and it sounds like you are having a terrific time. That is wonderful. Good luck with everything and it sounds like you are having interesting experiences. Thanks for sharing with me! Our family is having an adventure living in Montana. We love it. The kids enjoy playing in the dirt, roaming around on our property, with dogs and mom following closely, and we were able to go 4 wheeling just by going out our back yard up a dirt road into the mountains. We saw 3 deer and Todd and Dylan saw a bear! I am glad we were on the 4 wheelers! Take care, hopefully you get this message. Regards, Cathy Woodward

Searching Soul (a.k.a Darleen Pryds) said...

I'm definitely reading! Thanks for blogging when you have time. You can easily add a site meter onto your blog (go to mine and click on the meter, that will take you to the site where you can find the codes to insert).

Your experience with the washer is a familiar one!

What news are you getting about the election through Spanish sources? With YouTube you can watch the debates and interviews. Make sure you see the Tia Fey impersonations of Sarah Palin on SNL....they're hilarious!

Other state-side news is that Trojans lost to Oregon State last week....bummer. Well, we've been through this before.

Keep writing!

Dimple said...

Hi you two--
Just read all your posts so far; sounds like you're having a great time. I put your blog on Google Reader so I will be reminded to keep up! Life is too busy sometimes, and the thing in front of my face gets the most attention! God bless!